Our Story

Less Bits began in 2011 when the founder became broke in grad school. He had to suddenly repay two years of loans he shouldn't have received since he had a fellowship. His interest in academic research was replaced by an interest in financial freedom.

There you have it. The company was started to make money.

He knew one business problem well: hosting control panel software didn't meet the needs of the cloud server market.

He left grad school, set off building ServerPilot, searched for co-founders, and they were accepted into AngelPad.

ServerPilot grew. Amazing people joined the team. There was a choice to make: 1) continue focusing only on ServerPilot, or 2) continue developing ServerPilot while building new products.

Answer: build new products such as HeatShield and HostLaunch. It's not that we don't dream of awesome things we want to do with ServerPilot. It's that we also dream of all the other problems we want to solve.

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