Our Story

The founder of Less Bits began his career in 2001 as a self-taught PHP developer managing servers for web development agencies. A few years later, with a passion for security inspired by the insecure software that existed in the hosting and web development industries, he went back to school to study Computer Science. That journey took him into security research and academia.

His research improved the security of every server in use today when he identified vulnerabilities all Linux packages managers. That research helped earn him a National Science Foundation fellowship to fund his research in grad school. A few years into a Ph.D., he realized he was not an academic at heart.

He wanted to create a business that would allow him to innovate, have a positive impact, and bring financial freedom to himself and the people who would join him on the journey. There was one business problem he knew well from a decade of experience: software in the hosting industry was stuck in the past.

He left grad school, set off building ServerPilot, and was accepted into AngelPad. He raised an angel round to pay the bills until ServerPilot launched and soon ServerPilot's revenue freed him from the need to raise more money.

ServerPilot grew. Amazing people joined the team. There was a choice to make: 1) continue focusing only on ServerPilot, or 2) continue developing ServerPilot while building new products.

Answer: build new products such as HeatShield and HostLaunch. It's not that we don't dream of awesome things we want to do with ServerPilot. It's that we also dream of the other problems in the hosting industry we want to solve.

Here's the founder telling the story in his own words.

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